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Financial engineering

Our clients benefit from access to our global network of experts, including senior investment bankers, international trust lawyers and leading investment specialists.

Financial engineering offers the following services:

  • Evaluation of the overall financial situation
  • Determining the investment objectives
  • Determining risk profiles and investment horizons
  • Asset allocation — determining mix between capital market and

Non-capital market investing

  • Supporting banking relationships
  • Managing liquidity
  • Providing due diligence on investments and external managers
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Real Estate Management

Real Estate is becoming more and more important for private investors and companies.

Our Real Estate Services helps clients make informed decisions to achieve a competitive advantage by managing risk, reducing costs and increasing operational efficiencies.

Real estate management offers the following services :

  • Portfolio Analysis and strategic advisory
  • Expert knowledge to handle complex transactions
  • Determination of market value and reinvestment value
  • Large international Network of potential Investors
  • Due Diligence
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Business Development

Whether you’re expanding your business or are looking into creating a start-up, you may need investors to help fund your endeavor. Though a business loan is a good starting point, seeking investors allows you more access to funds which you generally don’t have to repay on a set schedule. However, it’s not like investors will give you funding without expecting anything in return, and you may need to relinquish some control of your business in order to work with certain investors.

Our advisors will help you in this way .

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Problem solving

Problem solving and decision-making are important skills for business and life. Problem-solving often involves decision-making, and decision-making is especially important for management and leadership. There are processes and techniques to improve decision-making and the quality of decisions.

Problem-solving and decision-making are closely linked, and each requires creativity in identifying and developing options, for which the brainstorming technique is particularly useful.

If you can deal quickly and effectively with problems they are less likely to become bigger issues.

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 Road shows

Starting a business is a test of self-motivation, multitasking, efficient management and careful organization. In fact, just coming up with a business plan takes a lot of courage and creativity. But perhaps the biggest challenge is getting down to the real. This can only be achieve with sufficient funds.

Finding the right investor or partner for your business is easier when you can meet influent and trustworthy people in one place !

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Trust & Integrity

Because we believe that the most important ingredient in a business’s success is simply, trust !

In firms where people trust their leaders, colleagues or business partners, trust one another, there’s more innovation and better business outcomes. Mistrust and politics are expensive, time-consuming and dispiriting.

Trust cuts the time spent second-guessing, worrying, and lawyering. Trust strengthens every part of any deal: its durability, its potential profitability, and its flexibility. Like most things, business works better when the energy spent on doubt, fear and suspicion are reduced. Trust is as important for an established enterprise as for a two-person startup.

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters”

― Albert Einstein

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Audio & video recording

It’s always good to remember ideas and concerns but due to our unlimited thought process we will lose sometimes important concepts.

Here we are providing a solution to record audio & video during conferences and make minutes of meetings by the professional language experts.

It’s include creation and distribution according to the demands.


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Personal Website

It will promote your personal and business image that’s help you to build your corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Here’s the details we will include in your personal website :

  • Your resume
  • Contact information
  • A professional headline
  • A brief bio
  • Professional summary/objective
  • Samples of your work
  • Results
  • Social media links
  • A blog
  • Videos and other relevant multimedia
  • Testimonials
  • And more…
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Profiling & KYC

Know your customer policies or KYC are becoming increasingly important for banks, insurers and export credit agencies to prevent theft, financial fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.

Our Individual Profile Checks, directly inspired by KYC processes, are employed by companies of all sizes to prevent themselves from their proposed agents, consultants or distributors from any dishonest behaviour.

KYC is important for a number of other reasons. If a business knows its customers well, it may be able to prevent damage to its reputation and avoid fraud or excessive risk in financial transactions involving customers.


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Digital Profile Management

Do you have an online profile? And is your online presence doing justice for you?

It’s not just about creating an account on LinkedIn and other social media sites, we create a fully integrated positioning of your professional profile online and the messages you are conveying to the online world about yourself, and ultimately you’re company or the business you work for.

Our expertise:

  • Conduct a full digital audit on your company
  • Integrate effective digital interactions within your marketing strategy
  • Manage the full digital process for you
  • Social Media Integration


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Business Contacts

In order to increase the number of VIP people in your network and facilitate your encounters, we provide a unique concept. You can now have access to the largest network of influential people !

You want to grow your business, you seek business partners or investors, we provide you the opportunity to meet them so you can find what you’re looking for : expansion money, experience, skills, etc.

There are no limits !

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Conference room access

Instead of doing your business meetings in a restaurant, we give you the opportunity to do your professional encounters in private fully equipped rooms.

  • Choose the room that best suits your business need (open space fully equipped room, or simple one to one room).
  • Enjoy high-speed Internet access in every conference area
  • Access executive catering, audio visual equipment, and on-site support for your business event
  • Book meeting rooms by the hour or day with easy online reservations
  • Invite attendees and clients to relax in professional reception areas and business lounges


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Cocktail lounge and rooftop

At the heart of Paris, at the eighth and top floor of the building, with an amazing view on the Eiffel Tower and a 360° view on Paris’s rooftop, you can access this unique location to set your business cocktail.

Business can be done without pressure!Roof TopSONY DSC

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Business Breakfast

Business breakfast, lunch & diner

Access executive catering if you want to set a breakfast, a lunch or a diner with your business partner.

It is important to secure catering services for your event early on. You want to ensure that the guests at your event will be given the best cuisine possible. We help make this happen by getting you our selection of local caterers.


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Administrative services, or back-office services we will provide to support you business.

These services will include:

  • Support on general legal issues
  • Payment of invoices and taxes, and arranging tax compliance
  • Bill payment and review of expenses for authorization
  • Opening bank accounts
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Personal chef service

We provided customized meals for clients who like to dine well in the comfort of their homes. Home cooked meals are prepared for you by a classically trained chef. Menus are designed with a focus on cooking with the seasons, offering comfort foods and gourmet fare, as well as ethnic cuisine and meals for special dietary.

Our in home catering is a unique entertaining experience we will design a menu for you, cook and serve at your location letting you enjoy your quest.

Our chef have 20 year of experience in Europe and South Africa.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.29.26


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Meet The Team

Sébastien SOCCHARD

When he was 19 years old, Sébastien began his career as a young entrepreneur creating softwares

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 In 1992, he obtained an engineering degree in Networks and Telecom and created Security Concept and Technology, a consulting company
In 1994, he founded with Xavier Niel the first French consumer Internet service provider : World-Net

After a huge business development, they sold the company in 2000. World-Net was the last independent company in the sector and the only profitable one.

After this experience, Sebastien became interested in wealth management for his own fortune and also for friend’s investment. In 2010, he founded with Xavier Niel the ZEN group company, investing privately in real estate.

Today, Sébastien is AMF (French Financial Market Authorities) certified. In compliance with the new French legislation for M&A, Sébastien is also registered as a C.I.F. (Financial Investment Advisor)

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Janicka BASSIS

Senior executive with extensive expertise in institutional-quality real estate transactions

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Advising over 5bn€ across multiple international markets and asset classes; encompassing operations, development, investment and asset management.

Extensive leadership experience in operations, investment, strategic planning, business development and the execution of major transactions. An excellent track record in leading growth, building organizations and managing change.

Adept at fostering high-performance cultures and building both internal and external relationships. Reputation for energy, decisiveness and professionalism, with the ability to win the confidence of board members, staff and other stakeholders alike.

Georges-François ROUSSEAU

Expert near the Court of Appeal of VERSAILLES, Expert near the Administrative Court of Appeal

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of PARIS and VERSAILLES, Federation of Mediators’ Chairman– FMCML

Real estate assessment and land value (Commercial, Industrial, Professional), Market and renting values (Commercial Premises Offices, House buildings, Grounds) Commercial leases – Business – Right to the lease
Allowances of commercial Evictions – Expropriations, Due Diligence.

Pierre JOLY

Master’s degree in International Trade Master’s degree in Wealth management and real estate management

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AMF certified (French Financial Market Authorities), CIF (Financial Investor Advisory).

After graduating from ISG Paris in international trade, Pierre spent two years in Shanghai, working at as BtoB Account Manager and Project Developer. Back in France, he worked two years in Matis Consulting developing IT department for tertiary indstries.

After this experience, Pierre became interested in wealth management. He graduated from Kedge Business School in 2013 and worked for Private Bank 1818 in Paris.

SYED Junaid
Project Manager

Syed holds an Msc in International Business Negotiation from ESC Rennes, France and

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 B-Tech in Electronic Communication Engineering from  Aurora Technological and Research Institute (JNTU), India.  He works as a Network Systems engineer for Business Trust SARL formerly Reef Tech SARL, where he is responsible for managing consulting projects primarily  focused on Network, Server systems and  Virtual environments Syed’s prior work experience includes  working as a Development Engineer for Azothis MedTech based in Paris, France.Syed was also involved in GPS based Automation and Control technology research from 2005 to 2008, has published books in ACMOS 2008 at the IEEE Annual Conferences.

Compliance Manager

Kapil holds a Master in International Business Negotiation from ESC Rennes School(France).

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 He Attended EMBA from symbiosis(Pune) and Master of. Commerce from JPG.

He started his career as a Merchandiser at Vishal Retail Ltd in New Delhi where he was actively involved in procurement of Non trading goods and finalizing the VRL store sites. They opened 120 Stores in India within 2 years.

He was with Oracle Financial Corporation in Gurgaon where he worked on various Projects including capital market for Black rock, Mortgage operation for Option one USA. He has also worked three years in Credit and Compliance segment at Standard chartered bank.

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